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Sheila Poor
Public Relation

Mag. Sheila Poor


Sheila has a master‘s degree in business adminstration and has gained valuable professional experience in various industries. She has been working in the field of media as a production coordinator, executive producer, booker and copywriter for over nine years.

Sheila got to know Schwelle Wien during an editorial television production named „Love 4.0“ for „W24“, Viennas local television broadcast in June 2017. Ever since Sheila is our media officer and responsible for public relations and press work.

Sheila greatly empathizes with others and has an incredible talent and sensibility for finding the right words and nuances. She expresses the emotions and delicate information Schwelle Wien wishes to communicate to a broader audience.

For her Schwelle Wien is a safe place vital for a modern city like Vienna. Sheila likes to contribute her professional expertise to promote the importance of an open minded mentality facilitating alternative relationship models and ways of life.